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I love fishing! It's been my passion all of my life. I wanted to take it to the next level, and started making my own jigs around 20 years ago. I started by using different parts of plastic lures and worms. I would put them together in a variety of ways as I was refining my concept. My family and friends loved using the lures I created whenever we'd go and fish together, so I started making lures for them as well. In 2017, the Lord dropped it into my spirit to try to use a mold I had and the Thunderguppie body was born.

I then went to work on designing a mold that would accommodate the body of my design, in order to complete the lure. I worked with college students, Southern Illinois University, and various machine shops before coming up with a concept that would work. (Thank you to Kelly and Joe for getting me in touch with the right machine shop!) After much trial and error, I finally worked a design that would allow me to manufacture a reasonable amount of jigs at a time.

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Just met these guys last night and I can't wait to try out what I bought. Great guys, great products, and a great Southern Illinois business.

Joel Evan Wise - Happy Customer

Bought some jigs from you guys at the Memphis boat show..... finally had a nice day to try them out, needless to say they worked great

Craig Miller - Happy Customer
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